Corey Stone

Sr. Product / UX / UI Designer

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Hello! I'm Corey — husband, father of four, and UX designer working remotely in Lawrence, Kansas (the sunflower state). Overall, I think my best strength is envisioning what a product could become based on understanding the user and business needs, then designing an intuitive enjoyable interface even if the data is complex. I can evangelize design thinking and the UX process, but I'm also comfortable cranking out something good within time and budget constraints. If you need it, here's my resumé.pdf.

  • 5/5Product Design
  • 5/5UX Design
  • 5/5UI Design
  • 5/5Info Arch
  • 4/5Visual Design
  • 4/5User Research
  • 4/5Usability Testing
  • 4/5Axure Prototyping
  • 3/5HTML & CSS
  • 1/5Javascript
  • 5/5Writing
  • 5/5UX Evangelism
  • 4/5Collaboration
  • 4/5Facilitation
  • 3/5Agile / SAFe
  • 3/5Mentoring
  • 3/5Project Mgmt

Projects & Products

School projects

Industrial Design B.F.A.

University of Kansas, 1997

The KU ID program gave me a well rounded design education partly due to the three design professors' different approaches: One was very user-focused and stressed a process-oriented approach and generous usage of human factors information. Another was very market-driven: "what are the benefits and why would someone buy this?" And the last stressed the "coolness" of the design, with more emphasis on form and uniqueness. Shown below are some of the design projects I did in school. Sorry they're not very high-res; the 90's were blissfully low-res.

Moka Maker Child's Riding Toys Cooking Utensils Folding Lawn Chair Ski Boot CD Rack Brochure Stand Greenball Volleyball branding

Ergonomics/Biomechanics M.S.

University of Iowa, 2000

Despite my design professor telling me I should get my master's in Cognitive Science, I got it in Ergonomics/Biomechanics to improve my ability to design physical products. Turns out he was right. He was always right. Oh well — live and learn, I suppose.

For my thesis, I tested the muscle activity and efficiency of finger and postural muscles during slow, normal, and fast typing on a standard keyboard, a "fixed-split" ergonomic keyboard, and Kinesis' Contour keyboard (now discontinued, but similar to this).

Results showed that finger muscle activity generally increased as typing speed increased, but trapezius activity didn't. Few differences in muscle activity were found when using different keyboards, except that finger flexor activity was higher and efficiency lower when using the Kinesis keyboard. Typists achieved optimal efficiency when typing at comfortable and fast speeds, rather than slower-than-normal speeds.

Wrist posture when using each of the three keyboards.


Everyone paints floor-to-ceiling murals on their kids' rooms, right? No? Hmmm. Since we moved a couple times, I ended up painting a total of 4 rooms, each taking a few months. Sadly, I can't seem to find photos of the first couple, but here's Eli's Nemo room and Christopher's Tarzan/Jungle Book room. Click them for zoom-able versions.

Eli's Nemo painted mural room. Christopher's Tarzan/Jungle Book painted mural room.

That's it!

If you read all the way down to here - thanks, and kudos to you! If you just did a quick scroll to the bottom to make sure you're not missing anything, well that's pretty cool too. Feel free to email me at, and here's my resumé (pdf) if you need it. Thanks!