Corey Stone

Sr. Product / UX / UI / Visual Designer

Diagram of my high-level design process: Empathize > Ideate > Evaluate > Iterate.
Just a silly photo of me popping in for a moment
Photo of Corey Stone

Hello! I'm Corey, a remote-working full-stack UX/Product Designer with 20 years' experience designing digital B2C, B2B, SaaS, and mobile experiences in multiple industries. I'm an innovative problem solver who can make the complex seem simple.

In my free time, I exercise almost as much as I should; I self-Uber my kids to soccer, piano, and gymnastics; and I solo-preneur some iOS apps.


Industrial Design B.F.A. | U. of Kansas, 1997

The KU ID program gave me a well rounded design education partly due to the three design professors' different approaches:

  • One professor was very user-focused and process-oriented.
  • Another was more market-driven: "What are the benefits and why would someone buy this?"
  • The third stressed the coolness and uniqueness of the form and solution.

Click my school projects to see them. Sorry they're so small — the 90's were blissfully low-res.

Ski Boot Greenball Volleyball branding Child's Riding Toys

Ergonomics / Biomechanics M.S. | U. of Iowa, 2000

Despite my design professor telling me I should get my master's in Cognitive Science, I got it in Ergonomics / Biomechanics to improve my ability to design physical products. Turns out he was right. He was always right. Oh well — live and learn, I suppose.

For my thesis, I tested the muscle activity and efficiency of finger and postural muscles during slow, normal, and fast typing on a standard keyboard, a "fixed-split" ergonomic keyboard, and Kinesis' Contour keyboard (now discontinued, but similar to this). Turns out, there wasn't much difference. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Wrist posture when using each of the three keyboards.

Seth Godin's altMBA, June 2017 (Cohort 11)

I'm a big fan of marketing guru Seth Godin's teachings, and his month-long virtual altMBA workshop course was a great opportunity to dig in deep on giving and receiving feedback, using empathy to find solutions, and asking "Who and what's it for?" Much of it aligned well with what I'd learned in my user-centered Industrial Design program at KU, but some concepts like the Business Model Canvas and Decision Trees were new to me. Overall, time well spent.

Our old pal Seth Godin.